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Welcome to Environmental Diagnostics Corporation (EDC). Managing indoor environments is easier with help from experienced professionals. Our highly commended proactive indoor air quality (IAQ) evaluations, investigative IAQ and fungal (mold) assessments, as well as other indoor environmental consulting make EDC a leader in the industry.
How much does a commercial IAQ assessment cost?
Several type of investigations are available and fees vary. For example, a comprehensive proactive indoor air quality and HVAC condition assessment is affordable at approximately 1.5 cents or less per square foot (an assessment for a 10 story, 100,000 square foot building may cost $1,500). Your report includes an executive summary (for your convenience), sound, cost-effective recommendations (supported by qualitative and quantitative test results) all within a 14 working day turn-around-time. For smaller facilities or minor assessments and hourly rate is available with a nominal report charge. Nationwide service is available. Specific quotations for one or more buildings are available.

What is the scope of an IAQ and HVAC Condition Assessment of a commercial building? Although flexible, EDC typically proposes to conduct the following in a commercial building. For more details on particular contaminants or subjects see those respective sections throughout this website. Call EDC for more information or a specific price quote.

Evaluate the indoor air quality by:
  • Measuring the concentrations of airborne particulates (PM2.5), carbon dioxide (CO2), and carbon monoxide (CO), as well as temperature and relative humidity at numerous representative locations throughout the building and floorspace. All results are compared to referenced governmental and health guidelines.
  • Screening for elevated concentrations of miscellaneous airborne chemicals and gases that are known to be common indoor air pollutants.
  • Testing the air flow pressure relationships between sensitive areas such as copy rooms, smoking lounges, underground garages, loading docks, entranceways, etc. that may allow uncontrolled air into the building or distribution of contaminants.
  • Screen for airborne fungal concentrations will be conducted at representative locations.
  • Sampling for indoor bioaerosols and dust contaminants including spores, pollen, fibers, and opaques.
  • Numerous industrial hygiene and health-based comparative guidelines are referenced throughout every report.

Examine and evaluate the air handling components by:

  • Developing a textual and photographic building and system description of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system.
  • Inspecting ventilation system components such as the outside air volume dampers, intake locations, exhaust grilles, cooling tower locations, and perimeter-conditioning units.
  • Documenting and evaluating items related to the installation, conditioning, and design of your facilities' primary air units.
  • Performing a hygienic inspection and condition evaluation of air handling units.
  • Documenting evident supply air obstructions, ceiling void concerns, air volume losses. Representative core and/or perimeter conditioning units in the ceiling void will be reviewed.

Provide professional, independent, confidential documentation that includes:

  • A fourteen (14) working day turn-around-time. Two bound report copies.
  • Two attractive "Indoor Air Quality Assurance" certificates for each building in a proactive assessment that satisfactorily meets applicable guidelines.
  • An executive summary, sound, cost-effective recommendations supported by color photographic documentation, qualitative and quantitative test results, and personal assistance for any questions.

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